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Growth Company Coaching Program

Welcome to a new world of Growth

– What is the Growth Company Coaching Program and Who is if for?

The ultimate Growth Company Coaching Program is for companies that want maximum access to their coach and resources to more quickly and effectively implement the Rockefeller Habits. The overriding deliverable is the One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) which enables creating the proper strategy and plan for superior execution. 

We work with the leadership team to enhance alignment to facilitate immense focus and accountability throughout your organization. When your company’s team is functioning like a well-oiled machine, as the Leader, you become free to pursue other initiatives, interests, and lifelong passion. That is why we work with leaders and their teams to help companies grow, scale and create a culture of action and accountability, so you can achieve whatever freedom means to you!

– What is a breakdown of the offering?

We conduct personal phone or in-person SWOT interviews with each member of your leadership team, plus 4 Decisions and Rockefeller Habits assessments. The trends of the interview content are shared with the leadership team. The purpose of the assessments is to uncover gaps for scaling success and customize implementation to your current situation.

1-2-days session to review previous year’s progress and learnings, to develop short and long-term strategies. We will assist in developing a clear concise roadmap for achieving your company objectives for the year. Annual and quarterly metrics and initiatives are aligned and finalized for the company and the individual leaders. Team accountability skyrockets as a result!

Quarterly in person facilitated sessions following our Strategic Planning Review process.

One on one sessions with the CEO to discuss methodology implementation, roadblocks, and performance progress.

Half-day facilitated in person sessions to support leadership team education on how to implement Four Decisions and other growth tools relevant to your current situation.

Personal sessions that are based on necessity and range in time allotted.

Provides real-time cloud solution to track progress and metrics aligned with OPSP, organizational goals and execution against key business priorities.