Velocity Strategic Consulting

Our Flagship offering

Ceo Growth Group

Learn, Share and accelerate

What is it?

Learn together with other CEOs and TEAMs, build camaraderie, competition and accountability. Moderated by experienced CEO coaches using ScalingUp and Metronome 3HAG systems. This fosters transparency and trust to ensure the CEOs and TEAMs remain focused on efficiently ScalingUp their business.

  • We apply “Scaling Up” framework and grow CEO’s and their leadership teams professionally and personally
  • Companies with $5M to $100M revenues are “Gazelles”, and our coaching practice focuses companies who want to be Gazelles
  • We will ensure the areas of focus Strategy, Execution, Cash, People get the timely attention they require.
  • Through cloud based Metronome Growth Systems (MGS) business software we collect data, report progress and deliver a transparent company specific dashboard.


Increase team and individual accountability
Accelerate business growth – more fun 
Decrease risk of making wrong turns
Confidence and full engagement
Profitability and “Cash on Hand”

Hand Delivery

What to Expect

Growth Institute / Metronome Growth Systems access
Online learning tools, books & software included
Monthly full-day sessions for CEO’s (8/year)
1-hour monthly coaching call (10/year)
Leadership teams to attend (4/year)